“Covid 19 emergency”

Update May 2020   Covid 19

As a Company that  specializes in Health and wellbeing ,Honest H2O are privileged to work with our parent Company Dowshu who manufacture products  for identifying the symptoms in people who may carry of Covid 19.

We presently carry 3 products from the Dowshu range to combat the spread of Covid 19 in order to make all our lives safer.

Message from Dowshu


Why is regular temperature checking an absolute necessity?.

 Dowshu Temperature-checking Systems accurately identify those who have an abnormal temperature or fever which may be the defining symptom of having COVID 19.

While a awaiting vaccine ,presently the only sure means of identifying if you have contracted the virus is to have a full medical test.

A negative medical test result today does not immunise against contracting the virus tomorrow or into the future.

 While results from continuous temperature screening are not conclusive proof that you have or do not have the virus, it is the simplest method available to identify if one displays a high temperature, which can be a symptom of COVID 19.

It is acknowledged that 50% or more of the population who carry the virus may not display fever symptoms. These people may be asymptomatic and display none of the known symptoms of COVID 19. What is troubling is this group of people may fully recover without medical intervention while unknowingly passing on the virus to others who could go on to display high temperature symptoms.

More worrying again is that there is evidence emerging from reports out of New York that those who do display high temperature related to COVID 19 are the most likely people to be hospitalised and most vulnerable to other health complications.

Even using a figure of 4 out of 10 infected people showing fever or high temperature as a symptom of COVID 19, regular temperature checking will identify these people immediately and enable early medical intervention.


Regular Temperature checking can be the most useful tool in early intervention ,tracking  and containment of the virus while we await a vaccine.

Update June 2017

We at Honest H2o are dedicated to delivering a whole range of products and services that will have a positive influence on people’s everyday health, well-being and longevity.

Since November 2014 Honest H2o has invested time and resources researching the quality of the public water supply as a healthy sustainable eco-friendly alternative to bottled water.

We also undertook research into the benefit and positive effect that both natural high pH /low ORP water and artificially generated alkaline ionized water can have on creating better health and longer life.

As a result, Honest H2o with our partners developed an extensive range of products to enhance people’s well-being and contribute to the prevention of disease and other ailments.


At Honest H2o we see real time communication with our customers and suppliers as a key part of our service. While we have a full platform dedicated to those who prefer to manage business online we also believe that all other forms of communication should be readily available to our customers.

Our team are available to customers online, the phone or in person during business hours or weekends and out of normal working hours for consultation, sales and emergencies.

Our Values

Our name Honest H2o reflects the ethos and values, of the business, that of our staff and the service we provide to our customers. We present you with up to date reliable information from many qualified sources as well as from research and tests we have carried out. We present the facts in a balanced and unbiased manner, after evaluating all available data.

Honest H2o believes in medical science and the benefits that mainstream medicine brings, but we are also aware of the many questions about our body that medicine cannot as yet provide answers too.

Our Management Team

Our management team is comprised of a vibrant nucleus of key individuals and advisors.

Thomas Hurley

Finance and Planning: Thomas has had the distinction of building innovative enterprises from the ground up, creating a new leading brand and taking turnover from zero to over €9 million in less than 4 years. Thomas has operated design and manufacturing businesses out of countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea. Thomas is now devoting all his time and energy to building Honest H2o into a world class sales, service and support company with expanding interests in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Europe.

Peter Falvey
Marketing Director

Peter is a vastly experienced Marketing and Sales Manager and a being a qualified Financial Advisor. Peter’s philosophy is that customer satisfaction leads to more sales, a motto which has achieved incredible results in the 3 previous enterprises he devoted his skills too. Peter brings with him a wealth of experience and the passion to ensure Honest H2o is a friendly customer focused Company.

Liam Hurley
Technical Director

Liam has joined Honest H2o as Technical Analyst, ensuring that all our products meet our own high internal standards before release to the public. Liam has previously  been to the forefront of new technology developments in the Television, Satellite and CCTV sphere .

Robert Twohig
Associate Advisor

Robert has over 25 years experience in the water and Plumbing Industry and operated his own successful company for many years. Robert is a renowned industry professional and key advisor to the management team at Honest H2o. Honest H2o is privileged to have Robert as a key part of its Industry Advisory Team.

Luis Chu
Overseas Director

Luis manages our Korean branch office along with manufacturers and overseas clients with responsibility for sales marketing program and brand management. Prior to joining Honest H2o he worked in strategic business development and sales marketing at several International companies with over 20 years experiences. Luis is fluent in many languages which is paramount when doing business in worldwide markets.

Some of our Partners

We only work with manufacturers directly; we do not deal with agents or third parties. Our partners are those who are willing to work with us in developing new products to meet our customer needs. Our Partners are already renowned brands in the market place worldwide.

 Hyundai Wacortec Co.,ltd  

Honest H2o is proud to be the exclusive partners of Hyundai Water for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Hyundai Wacortec Co.,ltd has one of the largest most technologically advanced range of products available in the market today. Quality and reliability are the first two words that best describe this exclusive patented range of products.

When it comes to health, the benefits of dealing with a trusted brand should not be underestimated, it is your guarantee that products are made of safe materials and to the highest hygiene standards. There are ample examples to be had online of the horrors of what can go wrong when using products  from unscrupulous manufacturers in countries that are not regulated. When it comes to health related products it is safer to purchase from well known manufacturers who operate in  highly regulated environments.

KYK Co.,ltd

Honest H2o is the Main distributor for the exclusive range of Alkaline Ionizers from KYK Co.,ltd for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Presently most people are not aware of the Health benefits that Water with a high pH value and low ORP brings to everyday life Honest H20 is looking forward to the challenge of educating people on these benefits. KYK is long established in the Alkaline Ionizer industry with over 130 patented products in the range.  KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers have the proud distinction of been an approved medical device by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).

Honest H2o HQ 

Honest H2o’s European headquarters are based in Cork in the South of Ireland with sales and distribution network been rolled out throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland we also have a branch office in Seoul, South Korea and a growing number of other affiliates.

Initial roll out of products and services by Honest H20 are in Ireland both North and South with expansion planned for the main United Kingdom market soon thereafter. Our affiliate programme personnel are working with partners in other markets.

Honest H2o Korea ㈜ 어네스트 H2o

Honest H2o’s Korea branch office is based in Seoul Korea with sales and distribution network supporting our HQ’s business. In conjunction with HQ, we gather recommendation and feedback from the field and drive continuous improvement in product quality and timely production with our exclusive partners. Our aim is to deliver high quality, honest product and the best service to our customer in World widely.