Update June 2021 “Special Low Prices on all Security related products until September”

Thankfully the “Covid” situation now seems to be receding in Ireland  so we are now ramping up sales of core Security related products after a lull of nearly 16months.

Special prices on our ever expanding range of  CCTV ,Access Control ,Restaurant Call Systems ,Door automation and other related products are now available here in our online shop. Honest H2o,Water related products have completed migration to another platform.

We have many different Security product ranges from topline manufacturers such as Dahua and Dowshu..

As business is slowly returning to normal after 16 months  ,we are offering specials on all products until September 2021.

Our Website may be  be accessed by Trade ,Wholesale as well as Retail customers .Our prices are the lowest the Industry has to offer ,if you think they are too low ,that is simply because we buy better through better buying and we pass the discounts on.

For further information and Technical Specifications on any of our products ,contact us on

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Update May 2020   Covid 19

As a Company that  specializes in Health and wellbeing ,Honest H2O are privileged to work with Dowshu who manufacture products  for identifying the symptoms in people who may carry Covid 19.

We presently carry 3 products from the Dowshu range to combat the spread of Covid 19.

 Why is regular temperature checking an absolute necessity?.

 Dowshu Temperature-checking Systems accurately identify those who have an abnormal temperature or fever which may be the defining symptom of having COVID 19.

While  awaiting vaccine ,presently the only sure means of identifying if you have contracted the virus is to have a full medical test.

A negative medical test result today does not immunize against contracting the virus tomorrow or into the future.

 While results from continuous temperature screening are not conclusive proof that you have or do not have the virus, it is the simplest method available to identify if one displays a high temperature, which can be a symptom of COVID 19.

It is acknowledged that 50% or more of the population who carry the virus may not display fever symptoms. These people may be asymptomatic and display none of the known symptoms of COVID 19. What is troubling is this group of people may fully recover without medical intervention while unknowingly passing on the virus to others who could go on to display high temperature symptoms.

More worrying again is that there is evidence emerging from reports out of New York that those who do display high temperature related to COVID 19 are the most likely people to be hospitalized and most vulnerable to other health complications.

Even using a figure of 5 out of 10 infected people showing fever or high temperature as a symptom of COVID 19, regular temperature checking will identify these people immediately and enable early medical intervention.


Regular Temperature checking can be the most useful tool in early intervention ,tracking  and containment of the virus while we await a vaccine.