This Kit is 100% wireless and can be used with all types of wired electric locks ,including mag locks.

No more messy cabling to key pad or exit switch with wireless communication between components up to 50 metres. Multiple outputs for door bell, lock, alarm and door contacts.

Long life with days of warning when battery needs replacing.

  • Wireless IP66 Keypad
  • Wireless Lock/Bell/Contact/Alarm
  • Wireless Exit Button
  • Simple Install, everything supplied
  • Long Battery life (over12months)
  • Supports Keypad & Exit Button
  • Wireless Range
  • Quick Easy Install
  • Mag Lock compatible
  • Compatible with other Dowshu door locks
  • Requires 12/24VDC to Controller for lock .

> Ultra low power consumption (wireless keypad<10uA, Wireless Exit Button: <10uA)

> Supports integration with 1 keypad and 1 exit button, or 2 keypads



User Capacity 600 PIN / card users (500 common users + 100 visitor users)
PIN Length 4~8 Digits
Card Type 125KHz EM Card
Operating Voltage
Wireless Keypad 3units of AAA batteries
Mini Controller 12V DC
Wireless Exit Button 2032 Lithium battery
Idle Current
Wireless Keypad: <10uA
Mini Controller: <20Ma
Wireless Exit Button: <10uA
Working Current Wireless Keypad: <80mA
Mini Controller: <50mA
Wireless Exit Button: <30uA
Communication Frequency 433MHz
Communication Distance 50m Maximum
Relay Contact Load 2Amp Maximum
Environment Outdoor (Wireless Keypad)
Operating Temperature -40℃~60℃(-40°F~140°F)
Operating Humidity 10%~9%RH
Physical ABS Shell
Dimensions Wireless Keypad: L134 x W48 x D25(mm)
Mini Controller: L85 x W50 x D25(mm)
Wireless Exit Button: L80 x W38 x D15(mm)
Unit Weight Wireless Keypad: 150g
Mini Controller: 62g
Wireless Exit Button: 34g
Shipping Weight 300g