Window Openings are designed to enhance  

                                                              Fresh Air Circulation,

                                                                                                                             but are seldom used effectively


Range of Electric Window Openers provide for instant fresh air and ventilation as well as enhanced security.

Simple to use, through Phone App, Remote Control, Wall Switch or by Timer ensures fresh air circulation without compromising on security.

With WE 12 Sensor, Window will close automatically during rain or high wind (extra)

    Fit s all Windows; Low Voltage for safe running and Installation: Super quiet motion

  • How often does a window go unopened, preventing vital circulation of fresh air or indeed how often is a widow left open too long creating a security risk.
  • Without air there is no life, with polluted air there is ill health.
  • Polluted air can also impact negatively on brain functionality.
  • Homes and Workplaces need constant fresh air supply.
  • Homes and office environments are known to have more air pollutants than many busy city streets due to non-circulation of fresh air.
  • With no standards or official recognition of dangerous domestic pollutants in homes and workplaces, it is vital that a constant fresh air supply is circulating.
  • With modern building regulations centering around heat loss not enough thought, planning or regulation is put into fresh air circulation.
  • Air is invisible to the eye so are the pollutants than inhibit it, especially poorly ventilated confined spaces.
  • In a work environment stale polluted air can bring on nausea and greatly inhibit the work rate
  • Experts recommend that widows should be open to provide fresh air circulation for at least 30 minutes in every 24-hour period, while providing fresh air it also eliminates the possibility of mould and fungi appearing.
  • Dowshu WE 1000 Electric Systems can operate efficiently and securely day and night.


Warranty: 1 Year, Dimensions: 436x51x40mm, Casing: Aluminum, Chain: Stainless Steel

Colour: Silver, Voltage :24VDC, PSU:24VDC 2Amp, Stroke: 400mm (or by order), Power: 400N,

Lock: 2000N.Technical: Support, Phone, Site Visit and Email, EXTRAS: Wall Switch, Remote Control, Phone app.



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