Cartridge Purifiers supplied

HCR-1FS Sediment Cartridge 1x

HCR-1PFC Pre-Carbon Cartridge 1x

HCR-1FUF Ultra Cartridge 1x

HCR-1FC Post Carbon Cartridge 1x

Cartridges for HUW-4SCCUF System (*Set of 5 Cartridges)

The HCR-1FS Sediment cartridge removes minute impurities down to 1 micron. These unwanted items are as a result of poor or old pipe infrastructure or break in pipes that can occur regularly. Removing unwanted particles in stage one improves efficiency and extends  the life of the other purifiers in the system allowing 100% effectiveness at all times.

Replace the HCR-1FS after 6/8,000 litres or every 12 months.

The HCR-1PFC cartridge uses activated carbon which absorbs chemicals such as Chlorine and other organic compounds, removes odour and bad taste, making tap water natural and pure tasting.

Replace the HCR-1PFC cartridge after 10,000 litres or every 12 months

The  HCR-1FUF our certified ANSI/NSF Ultra Cartridge completely removes harmful bacteria and all minute substances down to 0.03 micron. With Nano fibrous membrane our block cartridge delivers the purest and tastiest spring like water.

Replace the HCR-1FUF cartridge after 20,000 litres or every 12 months.

The HCR-1FC our secondary stage carbon cartridge prevents any further propagation of germs, bad odours and colouring etc. and guarantees our system lives up to our “Better than Bottle Water” Mantra.

Replace HCR-1FC cartridge after 10,000 litres or every 12 months

*Note: HCR-4KSCCUF cartridge Kit comes with 1 extra HCR-1FS Sediment cartridge free of Charge