Water Filter

“We spend €52.00 every week on branded bottle water as we don’t trust supermarket own brand bottle water or our home tap water supply. Please, recommend a really good “Better than Bottle Water” Purification system that will restore my family’s confidence in our home water supply. We heard you can provide us with this assurance as well as saving us €2600.00 annually” 

The HUW-4SCCUF is the ultimate in water purification systems

It does not get much better than the HUW-4SCCUF Water Purification System. Our 4 stage modular Undersink water system is the absolute ultimate in water purification with Sediment+Pre-carbon+Ultra pure+Post-carbon, large volume throughput delivering water as pure  and good tasting  as nature intended. Each litre of pure fresh good tasting water costs less than €0.01cent.

Warranty: 10 years.

Patented DIY quick fit no spill cartridge exchange. 

Cartridge replacement info:

1x HCR-1FS Sediment Cartridge: DIY no spill replacement filter 6,000L or 1 year

1x HCR-1PFC Pre Carbon Cartridge: DIY no spill replacement filter 10,000L or 1 year

1x HCR-1FUF Ultra Cartridge: DIY no spill replacement filter 24,000L or 1 year

1x HCR-1FC Post Carbon Cartridge: DIY no spill replacement filter 10,000L or 1 year

*Cartridge life is based on typical UK & Ireland water quality and system configuration, others countries may differ. Please ask us for our advice, but regardless of usage, cartridges should be replaced annually

Your health is our priority

In the interest of health, safety, quality assurance and customer confidence all our Purification Systems are internationally certified and manufactured under sterile conditions by Hyundai water in Seoul, South Korea.

Installation: Online purchase price excludes home installation. If our Installation service is required please book this separately by email or by calling our support lines. Our subsidised Home Installation charge anywhere in Ireland is €90.00 and should be paid to the engineer upon completion of Installation.

Email: hello@honest-h2o.ie

Phone: 021 4809173   UK +353 21 4809173

Mobile: 087 2515036

We include: System with Cartridges, an In-line on/off valve + 3 metre piping + faucet/tap complete with instructions and our free online and telephone support service.